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Bundle Up!

Colorado winters can be harsh. Cold temperatures mixed with strong winds, snow, and/or freezing rain can chill you to the bone! The same holds true for our canine companions. And while it’s easy to assume that a pup’s fur will keep them warm enough, chances are if you are cold, your four-legged buddy is too. As you prepare for the winter weather that lies ahead, it’s equally important to consider your pup and take preventative measures that will keep them happy and safe in the cold months ahead.

Coats for Canines – If you need to bundle up to stay warm outside, your little furry friend probably does too. From sweaters and coats, to hats and snow boots, there are plenty of wardrobe options for your canine. Yes, your dog might find it less amusing than you to be all dressed up, but trust me, he/she will forgive you.

No-Shave Winter – There’s nothing wrong with a good grooming, especially in the summer months, but even us humans tend to minimize our shaving habits when the weather turns cold. A dog’s fur adds warmth in the winter, so aside from an occasional trim, let it be.

Paw Protection – Your dog’s paws are sensitive. Just as you would protect those furry feet in the summer, it’s equally important to protect them in the winter. Dog booties will not only protect your pet’s paws from the cold but can protect them from chemicals and salts that are used to combat icy conditions. Petroleum jelly can also be applied to pet paws to help protect them from irritants and chemicals if booties aren’t an option.

Benji It’s Cold Outside – Freezing temperatures make for a great excuse to stay indoors. When it’s frigid outside, keep your canine inside where it’s warm.

Age Matters – Cold weather can be harder on puppies and senior dogs, just as it can be on humans. Limit outdoor activity for any pet, especially those who are young and old.

Let’s Eat! – Staying warm burns more calories, so make sure your canine gets plenty of food and water during the cold, winter months.

These and other precautionary measures, such as limiting bath time, keeping your pup on a leash, avoiding frozen ponds or lakes, and cleaning up antifreeze spills, are sure to keep your four-legged friend safe, healthy, and warm in the winter months to come.

Scoopy Doo’s of Longmont understands that just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your pup won’t poop. Stay warm and call the professional poop scoopers at Scoopy Doo’s for your pet waste removal needs this winter!