Scoopy Doo’s services include quality dog poop scooping and dog waste removal services based on your schedule and number of dogs you have. Our primary goal is not only removing the doop poop from your yard, but most importantly the safety and well-being of your dog.

Our Longmont & Boulder residential dog poop removal services can be based on our weekly maintenance scheduled service, or on a one-time basis for those who need to get their yard cleaned up, or perhaps for those getting ready to sell their house.  Call us for an estimate if you desire a one-time visit.

Our residential dog poop maintenance removal service is designed to stay on top of the accumulation of dog poop. I personally work with home owners to help address their concerns about dog waste removal, and the safety of their beloved pets. We have a long list of referrals, customer reviews, and 28+ years of professional pet waste removal experience.

We personally take care of your dog’s business, so you don’t have to. 


Residential Pricing
1 Dog 2 Dogs
Monthly Flat Price $50.00 $75 .00
*Return of crap for non-payment

Call Scoopy Doo’s today for more information on our Longmont & Boulder Poop Scooper services! Thank you for visiting our website.