How often do you visit our property?
Most customers opt for our weekly service, twice-weekly service is now available in limited areas.

How do I know you’ve been by?
1st your dog will be letting you know, if you are home. If they are in the house while your off to work. You will know because they will be excited to go out and get the treat left on the porch. If you need written/paper notice we can provide it. We stay as green as possible not wasting material or your time removing notices.

Do you clean year-round?
Yes, absolutely! We work all year round.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No contracts, You can cancel our service at any time.

How do you guarantee satisfaction?
We ensure your satisfaction by re-visiting your property within 24 hours if you call or text on your day of service telling us the location of missed poo. See our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Poop Removal page for details.

Are you  insured?
Yes, we carry liability insurance.

Should I unlock my gate?
We will need easy access to your yard We accept keys and combination to locked gates. Also we  make various arrangements with you to ensure that our gaining access is as easy as possible for us both. Keeping our service a convenience not a hassle..

Can  my dog(s) be  in the yard?
Yes, we love dogs and love being around them. Our visit is your dog’s favorite day of the week.
We prefer to meet you and your dog on our first visit so that everyone’s introduced. With busy lives we know that is not always possible. We do our very best to make your dog as comfortable as possible. 98% of the time there is never an issue. If your dog is likely to stop us from getting onto your property, they will have to be confined while we clean up the yard.

What if I want to skip a service day?
Not a problem. Just email or call 48 hours ahead of your scheduled day. or 303-678-8860

What about bad weather, do I still have to pay?
We work in all but the very worst weather conditions.  In such circumstances, we have, if the poo stays the pay stays policy. With the flat monthly fee based on 31 days of poo. Snow days just roll over into a clean-up. fee

Do you work on holidays?
We work ahead of schedule the week of  July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s Day to spend this precious time with our family. So you will not see us on those holidays. Generally all other holidays we will be by.

What do you do with the dog waste?
We do not leave  the dog waste in your garbage. We take the waste with us. We are currently working on an efficient recycling program and getting closer all the time.

How does your billing system work
You have a choice of how you prefer to receive your invoice. U.S. mail or email. Invoices are received by the 1st of each month for the current month’s service and due by the 20th. With our flat monthly fee. You can save time, trouble,& money, as there is no need to count weeks of service every month . Same  fee every month.

Where do I send my check
Scoopy Doo’s
P.O. Box 122
Hygiene, Colorado 80533

Can I get a one-time only service?
Yes, Certain times of year we get many requests for  one-time only clean-up’s. We’re happy to do this as it also gives us an opportunity to show what we can do. The price is based on the monthly fee. So you can figure your clean up fee based on # of dogs and amount of time since your last clean up.