dog poop scooper LongmontWe’ve been fortunate to enjoy a mostly mild winter so far in Boulder County but temperatures are expected to stay in the 20s next week and a few more frigid days are sure to come before Spring arrives. The cold weather doesn’t deter the staff at Scoopy Doo’s of Longmont in our dog poop scooper service, but we thought we’d provide the following tips so our clients can ensure their pets stay safe and warm during these last days of winter.

How to Protect Your Dog in Cold Weather

  • Keep pets indoors– Pets noses, ears and paw pads can freeze quickly, and they are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia when the temperature drops. Very young or old dogs should always be supervised outside, and short-haired dogs may need the added protection of a sweater.
  • Take precautions when outside– When pets are kept outside for long periods, they must have a waterproof shelter that is a few inches off the ground with the door covered in heavy plastic and facing away from the wind.
  • Increase food– If your pet does spend time outdoors, they’ll need more food than normal since their body will burn more calories to stay warm.
  • Use plastic bowls– Your dog’s tongue could stick to freezing metal, so use a plastic water dish outside and check it often to ensure it’s not frozen.
  • Protect paws from salt– After walking on treated sidewalks, wipe their paws to remove salt and other chemicals before your pet licks them.
  • Prevent antifreeze poisoning– Be sure to store antifreeze out of reach, especially because it has a sweet taste that could attract your pet.
  • Keep an eye out– If you notice a pet left out in potentially harmful weather take a photo and contact the local animal control agency with the date, time, location and details of the situation.

Your pooch is happiest when by your side, so keep them inside in winter- except for walks and to greet the Scoopy Doo’s staff during our regular dog poop scooper service visits! These recommendations were made by the Humane Society of the United States, and found under the Longmont Humane Society’s Dog Care Tips– check out their website for more helpful information!