Debbie_Profile_picture_2014 050I believe hard work, commitment and gratitude are the keys to a happy successful life. I have worked hard as business owner of Scoopy Doo’s. With 28+ years of business ownership & service in the pet service industry,  I am proud to say I am the top poop scooper & owner of Scoopy Doo’s.  Showing dedication to my clients and providing great service in a consistent manor is key to my success. I have been personally servicing my customer’s yards since April 1993. With help from friends & family,  I have a backup support system in managing consistency in my service, thus the reason Scoopy Doo’s has been so successful. Many of my clients have become like family. They have watched me grow Scoopy Doo’s & watched me grow older. Ugh!  You age a lot in 28 years! I still have clients that have been with me since the start.  At least we are gracefully aging together.

Having a great sense of humor is a must when you have a business picking up dog doo.  This is reflected in all my old Newsletters.  Mostly self-entertaining, I found a fun way to let clients know the grinds of life & poop scooping through humor.  I have maintained a simplistic approach and I stick to the job at hand. I am not a vet, a dog shrink, or a scholar but I am smarter than crap!   (see if the web guy likes this Ha!)

With the growth of technology and demand for poop scooping services,  I am stepping up to the plate and taking my next step in the service industry.  Helping support other community members through growth.  My family’s first motto:  “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Having knowledge in the service field allows me to feel confident, and Scoopy Doo’s will continue to be a top service provider in the poop scooping industry for years to come.

I feel I am one on the luckiest people on earth and feel blessed you have taken time to look at my web page. I hope we can be of service, bringing joy to you & your best friend’s lives.  I so  appreciate the opportunity!

I am also a member of the Longmont Association of Realtors and love being a Realtor, with a concentration on investment properties.   Love volunteering to serve our community  whenever possible. Yes I am a sucker to take on extra challenges!  I continue to work on a book; side stepped currently but will never give up!