dog waste service LongmontLast month we discussed the diseases people could potentially contract through their pet’s waste. This month we will list the diseases our beloved pets could succumb to via another dog’s feces. Scoopy Doo’s in Longmont understands how much you love and want to protect your pet, and our dog waste service is a very effective way to ensure their health!

Dog Waste Service Reduces Risk of Transmittable Diseases

  • Tapeworms: Although a dog can only contract tapeworms by eating infected fleas, lice or rodents, the tapeworm’s life cycle involves shedding through stool.
  • Other Intestinal Parasites: Roundworms, hookworms and whipworms all lay eggs that come out in the infected dog’s bowel movement. Other dogs can become sick when they eat contaminated soil, drink contaminated water or lick their contaminated fur or paws. All of these worms cause malnutrition and diarrhea but hookworms can also cause blood loss.
  • Giardia: Puppies are at the highest risk of infection, but all dogs can become ill from this parasite that is shed in feces.
  • Parvovirus: This virus is shed in enormous amounts through the stool of an infected dog, is highly contagious and can survive for months outside of a host- even in freezing temperatures. It causes severe vomiting and bloody diarrhea by attacking the gastrointestinal tract and there is no cure. Dogs who are very old or very young or have a compromised immune system may not be strong enough to fight through parvo.


It’s important to note that with warmer temperatures, comes an increase in the spread of canine viruses so hiring a dog waste service like Longmont’s Scoopy Doo’s is even more beneficial for the months ahead!  And just so we don’t end this month’s news on a down note, here is a link to a wonderfully uplifting story about a shelter helping handicapped service dogs!

pet waste removal LongmontBesides minimizing the mess and smell, Scoopy Doo’s of Longmont advocates hiring a regular pet waste removal service to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that “Although germs from dogs rarely spread to people, they might cause a variety of illnesses, ranging from minor skin infections to serious diseases.” Below is a list of diseases transmitted through infected dog waste that can cause human illnesses.

Pet Waste Removal Helps Prevent These Transmittable Diseases:

  1. Campylobacteriosis– One of the ways this disease can spread is by contact with the stool of an infected dog, which may show no symptoms of being sick. People who contract campylobacteriosis will experience fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.
  1. Tapeworm– Although fleas are required to complete the transmission of tapeworm from infected dogs to other animals or people, feces is part of the process.
  1. Hookworm– The larvae of this parasite embeds itself in the skin when a person walks, kneels or sits on ground that is contaminated with infected stool. Itchiness and a red squiggly line just under the skin are telltale signs of hookworm.
  1. Roundworm– Children are most likely to contract roundworms by accidentally swallowing an egg after coming in contact with a contaminated area. This parasite can invade the retina, liver, lungs or central nervous system.
  2. Giardia– This parasite can cause nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, greasy stools and dehydration for 1-2 weeks. If a dog is infected, people can contract giardia through their contaminated stool.
  3. Salmonella– If a person contracts salmonella through contact with a dog’s infected stool, they will become ill with vomiting, fever and diarrhea.

If you’ve been debating whether or not to hire a pet waste removal service, hopefully this information has helped you decide it’s worth it- if so, give Scoopy Doo’s in Longmont a call today!

When deciding on what is needed for a pet waste station, a couple of small features will make a big difference. First, each waste receptacle should have a lid not only for odor control but also to prevent water from collecting inside. Second, be sure to use heavy duty liners to avoid the mess caused from thin liners tearing. And most importantly, hire a reliable company like Scoopy Doo’s of Longmont to provide pet waste station service regularly!

Our Pet Waste Station Service includes:

  • Set Schedule: The most important factor for the long-term success of pet waste stations is that they are regularly maintained. We recommend service at least once per week.
  • Disposal: We will empty each bin and pick up any waste within the immediate vicinity of the station. Letting us take care of disposal means you don’t need to worry about supplying a dumpster either.
  • Restocking: We refill each dispenser as needed with Oxo-biodegradable bags.
  • Inspection: If necessary, we will notify the HOA or apartment manager that a station needs repaired.

After an HOA or apartment complex invests in setting up pet waste stations, they want to ensure that they will be put to good use. Residents will stop using the station if the trash can is frequently overflowing or the litter bags are gone. Our staff will set up a regular service schedule and monitor the use of each station in case an adjustment is needed. We will handle the removal, stocking and maintenance of each waste station to guarantee that they serve their purpose.

To keep common areas a pleasant space for residents, each HOA or apartment complex needs a pet waste management plan. Let Scoopy Doo’s of Longmont help keep your community beautiful with our dependable pet waste station service. Call us today for a free estimate!


Just wanted all my dog lovers to know,we’re not just poop scoopers! Hope you enjoy knowing there is some truth still out there! Thanks so much Longmont, Boulder, Firestone, Fredrick, Lafayette, Lyons and Niwot for supporting small businesses!

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