dog poop scooper LongmontWe’ve been fortunate to enjoy a mostly mild winter so far in Boulder County but temperatures are expected to stay in the 20s next week and a few more frigid days are sure to come before Spring arrives. The cold weather doesn’t deter the staff at Scoopy Doo’s of Longmont in our dog poop scooper service, but we thought we’d provide the following tips so our clients can ensure their pets stay safe and warm during these last days of winter.

How to Protect Your Dog in Cold Weather

  • Keep pets indoors– Pets noses, ears and paw pads can freeze quickly, and they are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia when the temperature drops. Very young or old dogs should always be supervised outside, and short-haired dogs may need the added protection of a sweater.
  • Take precautions when outside– When pets are kept outside for long periods, they must have a waterproof shelter that is a few inches off the ground with the door covered in heavy plastic and facing away from the wind.
  • Increase food– If your pet does spend time outdoors, they’ll need more food than normal since their body will burn more calories to stay warm.
  • Use plastic bowls– Your dog’s tongue could stick to freezing metal, so use a plastic water dish outside and check it often to ensure it’s not frozen.
  • Protect paws from salt– After walking on treated sidewalks, wipe their paws to remove salt and other chemicals before your pet licks them.
  • Prevent antifreeze poisoning– Be sure to store antifreeze out of reach, especially because it has a sweet taste that could attract your pet.
  • Keep an eye out– If you notice a pet left out in potentially harmful weather take a photo and contact the local animal control agency with the date, time, location and details of the situation.

Your pooch is happiest when by your side, so keep them inside in winter- except for walks and to greet the Scoopy Doo’s staff during our regular dog poop scooper service visits! These recommendations were made by the Humane Society of the United States, and found under the Longmont Humane Society’s Dog Care Tips– check out their website for more helpful information!

dog waste removal service LongmontHappy New Year! Did you know that 2018 is the Year of the Dog? While you probably thought about some habits you would like to change or goals you would like to achieve for yourself this year, did you also consider any for your dog? On PetMD, Dr. Jessica Vogelsang offers the following ideas to improve the health and happiness of your pet this year. Scoopy Doo’s goal for 2018 is to continue to provide the most affordable and reputable dog waste removal service in Longmont!

5 Resolutions for Dog Owners in 2018

  1. Measure their food– With 50% of pets in the U.S. classified as overweight, using a measuring cup to give your pet only the recommended amount will ensure they stay at a healthy weight. Puzzle feeders are a great tool to keep your dog entertained while regulating their treat intake!
  2. Try a new activity– Have you heard of doga or skijoring? Both are fun and healthy ways to enjoy time with your pet while you both get some good exercise in! Meet-up groups are another way to fit in physical activity and socializing for both you and Fido!
  3. Don’t skip their annual– Yearly veterinary exams are important at every stage of your dog’s life but especially as they age because common issues such as arthritis and diabetes are easier to manage when caught early.
  4. Groom them regularly– Brushing your pooch helps keep fur off your clothes and couch, keeps their coat shiny and is a relaxing activity that shows them how much you care for them. Address their oral hygiene as well with water additives, tartar-reducing treats, and the best method- brushing.
  5. Teach them a new trick– It’s just not true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! In fact, the opposite is really the best advice- studies show that mental stimulation helps reduce cognitive decline in senior animals.

While we think all the above suggestions are great, we also would like to add a 6th:

Hire a pooper scooper– To enjoy more quality time with your pet and ensure their health as well as your family’s, contracting out dog waste removal is an excellent use of your time and money!

Scoopy Doo’s of Longmont has a long-standing reputation in the community for reliable and affordable dog waste removal service- call us today to check off an easy new year’s resolution!

pooper scooper Longmont The holidays are in full swing and while it is a (mostly) wonderful time of year for people, pets can feel differently. There are many things that occupy pet owners time during this season from shopping to cooking to celebrating but dogs still need attention, especially those that suffer from stranger or separation anxiety. Below are some suggestions that will keep your pet happy over the holidays, and might we also suggest hiring a reliable and surprisingly affordable pooper scooper, like Scoopy Doo’s of Longmont, to make your life easier during this busy time of year!

Your Longmont Pooper Scooper Tips to Keeping Your Dog Stress-Free this Holiday

  • Try your best to stick to your normal routine. Feeding, walking and letting your dog out to potty as close to the same times as possible everyday will help immensely to prevent anxiety.
  • Be sure your pooch wears their collar and tags at all times just in case they slip out as guests and deliveries come and go.
  • If you have family or friends staying with you, keep your pet’s crate or bed in a quiet area where they feel safe to escape to if feeling nervous or overwhelmed.
  • If you will be away from home for extended periods of time, leaving toys and treats to occupy your dog will avoid boredom and coming home to damaged things you didn’t want chewed.
  • Remember that some holiday treats are toxic for your dog, such as chocolate, grapes or raisins, coffee and alcohol! If your pet is young or curious, you may want to keep ornaments out of their reach as well.

We wish you safe and happy holiday celebrations, and would also like to say thank you for letting us enjoy your pets this past year! All of us at Scoopy Doo’s in Longmont look forward to continuing to be your reliable pooper scooper in 2018!



dog poop scooper LongmontFor dog owners who enjoy sharing their stroll around a local lake or pond with their best friend, remember to keep your pooch out of the water. A favorite columnist with the Longmont Times Call, Johnnie St. Vrain, recently addressed a question regarding leash rules for pets visiting the city’s lakes. Below is the article that clarifies dogs are not allowed in any Longmont body of water (whether on-leash or off) except for the dog beach at Union Reservoir. The team of Scoopy Doo’s in Longmont hopes you continue to enjoy peaceful walks with your pet around the local lakes!

Dear Johnnie: Are there any rules about letting dogs loose or even on leash in Longmont’s ponds/lakes? I’m curious after an experience I had fishing at the fairgrounds pond on Memorial Day when I think I was the only person fishing in the whole place and a woman brought her two “little darlings” right next to me and let them loose in the water.

To me, this was incredibly rude, but it also made me wonder if the dogs should have been in the water in the first place. I’ve also seen families turn their dogs loose on the beach at McIntosh Lake. I think of the dog park in Evergreen that closed after nearby water got contaminated and how there’s always concern at Confluence Park in Denver about the same kind of thing in the summer and it makes me wonder. I love dogs, but come on. There’s a time and a place. — Gimme Some Space

Dear Gimme: Yes, there are rules, and they are quite clear.

The only places dogs may be off leash on public places in the city are at dog parks and at the dog beach at Union Reservoir.

No dog is allowed in any body of water in Longmont, other than that small part of Union, even if it is with a leash.

If a dog owner won’t leash her “little darlings” or keep them out of the lake after a polite request on your part, call animal control (303-651-8500). But remember that Longmont Animal Control avoids getting into “he said, she said” disagreements.

When I wrote about doggie “poo-peptrators” last year, Officer Tammy Deitz suggested video, with the owner and dog clearly identifiable, as a way to keep this from being your word against the dog owner’s, although I’d think that a couple of wet dogs at a lake might be evidence enough.

And remember, Scoopy Doo’s offers quality dog poop scooper services to Longmont, Niwot, Gunbarrel,Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Colorado. We personally take care of your dog’s business, so you don’t have to!

dog waste service LongmontWith Fall almost over here in northern Colorado, pet owners may be considering a dog waste service to deal with all the hidden piles under the leaf piles! Scoopy Doo’s of Longmont offers affordable and reliable dog waste service in every season and through all kinds of weather. Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

FAQs of Our Dog Waste Service

  1. Does my gate need to be unlocked?

    During our initial consultation, we will discuss how to best gain access to your backyard. If you prefer to keep your gate locked, you can provide us with an extra key or the combination. Other clients just leave their gate unlocked on the day of their service. If there is an additional area besides the backyard that you would like serviced, please also mention this during the consult.

  2. Can my dog be outside while you’re working?

    The highlight of this job is getting to interact with your furry family member(s)! We have experience befriending all ages and breeds of dogs, but have encountered some pups that will not allow us to enter the yard. If your pet is fearful of strangers or might react aggressively, we ask that they be kept inside or confined on our service day.

  3. Will be my service be delayed for bad weather?

    Your pet has to do their business no matter what the weather is so we will also do our job in all weather conditions, unless safety is a concern. If a severe weather alert has been issued for the area, we will monitor conditions and adjust our schedule if necessary. We work year round, through every season.

  4. Do you work on holidays?

    We observe July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s Day but will work ahead of schedule during these weeks. It is important to us for our clients to have a clean property so they can enjoy spending time with their family on these special days!

  5. What if I go on vacation or need to cancel service?

    Whether you would like to skip one day, postpone service for an extended period or cancel altogether, we just ask to be given 48 hours notice via phone or email. We do not require our clients to sign a contract, so you can cancel at anytime- we strive to make our service convenient, never a hassle!

If you have any other questions, we would be happy to discuss the details of Scoopy Doo’s dog waste service– call or email us today! We look forward to talking with you!